summer special

We try to keep our pricing simple. Our base price is $20 a pound*, incoming weight. This will include, as necessary, tumbling, washing, picking, fiber separation, and carding. We can card to open web, batt, or roving – loose bagged or center-pull bump. We can also produce custom wet-felt sheets at an additional cost. (See The Process tab)

*Due to the slippery, flyaway nature of Suri and Angora rabbit, base price is $25 lb.

Skirting, if needed is $30 an hour. However, we strongly encourage you to skirt your own fleeces before sending them to us. Read more on our Skirting page.

Blending: We can custom blend your projects, using fiber you provide, or fiber that you purchase from us. We can run complementary colors and fibers side by side through the carder for a striped roving, or work to achieve a more homogenous blend. Pricing will vary depending on many factors such as how much processing we are already charging you for, are we blending with open cloud or combed top, the nature of the particular fibers, and others. We are a boutique mill, and will price your blending projects independently.

Minimum: We handle each fleece separately, so it doesn’t matter to us if your order is one fleece or twenty. However, any individual fleece will have a minimum $25 fee.

Wet felting is custom priced. Contact us and we will discuss your project!