Welcome to Oklahoma Mini Mill!

We are a carding mill for all types of animal fiber, located in central Oklahoma. We are a boutique mill, and will clean and process each of your fleeces separately into roving, bumps or batts. We cater to hand-spinners and fiber artists, and also have wet felting service available.

Our December $18 SPECIAL was so popular that we decided to continue it through JANUARY! So, get those fleeces out of storage and send them or bring them in. We'll clean and process them into roving, bumps or batts for you. $18 a pound incoming weight (originally $20) covers tumbling, washing, picking, separating and carding!

In addition to custom processing, we have a selection of felted scarves, trivets, gardeners' weed blocks, hearth rugs, pre-felt sheets, needle felting supplies and kits, drop spindles, and weighted dryer balls. We have a variety of roving and batts for felting and hand spinning, including many exotic fibers, such as yak, bison, camel, silk and bamboo, as well as custom blends. Contact us directly, or shop our Etsy store!

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Oklahoma Mini Mill
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